Aleph5’s G2-Based Solution Cuts Glass and Waste in the Glass Manufacturing Process

 Aleph5 Testimonial

In October 2015, Ignite began a partnership with Gensym Corporation which allows Ignite to offer Gensym’s popular G2 software as part of its Application Development Platforms category. Gensym is a leading provider of rule engine software and services for mission-critical solutions that automate decisions in real time.

Aleph5 creates and implements mathematical solutions for complex and multidimensional problems in many industries. While the company has evaluated and used many solutions over time, they’ve been big believers in Gensym for over two decades – stating G2’s rich modeling environment and ability to handle simulations, rules, neural networks, and heuristics that sets the software apart from even some of the most “revolutionary” newcomers. Download the case study to learn more about how Aleph5 used G2 to create an integrated optimization model that would make non-typical business decisions based on variable parameters.

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