About Ignite Technologies

Ignite Technologies helps customers ignite the power of their workforce to ignite better business performance through the deployment of best-in-class business applications and application development platforms across a range of functional domains.

Founded in 2000, Ignite is a privately-held company that was reinvented in 2013 on the heels of an ownership and senior management change. Ignite’s mission from that point forward has been to develop and deliver an expanding set of unique business applications that help organizations perform better by enhancing the capabilities and impact of their workforce.

We operate with focus on a simple, lead objective – 100% Customer Success – which ensures we measure our own success through the achievements of our customers. Accomplishing this lofty goal requires that we:

  • Regularly seek candid and direct feedback from our customers
  • Methodically work to meet and exceed their expectations
  • Obsessively run a healthy, profitable business, so that we can confidently tell our customers that we can be with them for years to come

Ignite is growing both through acquisitions led by our corporate group, ESW Capital,  and through selling deeper and more innovative solutions in our current application areas. In addition to the applications displayed on our web site, Ignite maintains intellectual property rights to acquire and deploy many more, giving us the assets and breadth to create unique solutions for some of the largest companies in the world. ESW Capital is committed to continuing Ignite’s growth and we collectively believe that customer focus is the perfect approach to achieving it.

Ignite Green Initiative Read about Ignite’s Commitment to Environmentally-Friendly Business Practices