Application Development Platforms

At the heart of great applications, are great application development platforms.

Ignite provides application development solutions that allow organizations to build and deploy industrial strength applications that address the specific needs of their business. Empower your team of database architects, programmers, and software engineers to deliver complex, data-intensive custom applications without compromising on functionality and design.

Gensym’s G2 is a development platform that allows organizations to build and run real-time process and production control applications. With G2, the world’s largest organizations in manufacturing, utilities, communications, transportation, aerospace, finance, and government maximize the agility of their businesses and achieve greater levels of performance.

The ObjectStore platform provides of tight OODBMS integration into high-performance applications that run at in-memory speeds. Its platform provides real-time data caching and has proven invaluable to thousands of customers worldwide such as Starwood and Delta Airlines.

SenSage AP is an advanced platform for event analytics that collects, stores, and analyzes big data. And to add on to that capability, the product comes complete with data extraction technologies, business intelligence reporting and data modeling. Customers also have access to pre-built solutions such as Insider Threat Detection that are open so you can see the logic, modify and extend on your own, or use the solutions out-of-the-box for immediate value.

Versata’s powerful Business Rules Management System (BRMS) allows you to write, build and test robust applications in a matter of minutes. Leveraging the power of rules-based logic, Versata BRMS is the key to building high-quality, high-speed business applications specific to your business need.