Solutions for Corporate Communications

Need the right solution for your business video or communications initiative? Ignite is your answer!

Ignite’s Video Content Delivery Product suite is comprised of intuitive, workflow-driven applications and networking technologies that enable you to securely manage the entire lifecycle of digital media publishing, delivery and usage. Our product suite meets all of your content delivery needs – Live, On Demand and Push – and satisfies all your business initiatives including corporate communications, training, customer support, sales enablement and HR.

With Ignite you can reach your entire global audience anywhere, anytime, on any device and over any network connection – without creating additional load on your existing network. And Ignite lets you deliver any type of content including high-quality live streams, pre-recorded video and audio, documents and software.


Content Delivery Solution

Ignite's Solution is a suite of software products and networking technology that enables you to manage the entire lifecycle of video publishing and efficient distribution. Our solution provides you with the tools you need to publish, protect, target, deliver, track, and measure high-definition video.

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Live Broadcast

Companies understand the advantage of using live webcasts to communicate with a geographically dispersed workforce – real-time, cost-effective engaging communication. Whether its team meetings and departmental updates or corporate town halls and CEO quarterly updates, Ignite’s software-based live streaming solution lets you deliver high-quality webcasts using your existing network - no costly upgrades or lengthy deployments.

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Media Portal

Looking for a portal solution? Want to add social features or solve content delivery challenges with an existing portal? Ignite has you covered. With Ignite's out-of-the-box desktop-based social UI and its web-based Media Portal, your audience can now securely share, rate, comment and subscribe to content, encouraging interaction and collaboration among employees, partners and customers.

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