Solutions for Human Resources

Ignite’s NuView Human Capital Management solutions provide a positive impact to your bottom line.

How do we do it? Our solutions implement best practices, automate key processes, provide advanced workflows, and allow for fact-based strategic decision-making. Stellar reporting and analysis which is available through a single global HR system makes it easy to report on your global enterprise, eliminating the need to separate systems within each country.

Flexibility is the guiding principle behind Ignite’s NuView software, because it allows you to select the functional modules that meet your needs. At any time our clients are able to pick solutions they need, knowing they will be able to implement additional strategic modules at a later time.

The full product suite addresses all major HR disciplines including Core HR, Talent Management, and Payroll – all connected with Self-Service portals for employees, managers and job candidates.

“The process was smooth, the project plan was well laid out, the testing really proved to be very simple, very easy, not problematic. The staff was very attentive throughout the entire process. I would strongly encourage anyone contemplating to upgrade to a new application to really have no fear in the process. Ignite makes it painless.”
Rick Lunetta
Senior Vice President, Global Human Resources
On Process Technology



How do you bring all your data together to gain access and increase effectiveness across HR, Managers, Employees and Senior Leadership? Ignite's NuView HRMS provides a positive impact to the bottom line through the implementation of best practices, automation of key processes, advanced workflows, and more strategic decisions based on better enterprise wide reporting and analysis available through a single global HR system.

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Talent Management

Does your organization have the right people in the right position? Do you want to know how you can accomplish that? Our Talent Management module gives you the capability of working with your employee population from recruiting to performance management to compensation management to succession.

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Payroll is crucial to our clients' business. The system they use requires accurate and timely payroll processing as well as compliance with laws and regulations both domestic and international. How do you find a system that is reliable for both domestic and international payroll? Ignite's NuView CORT Payroll module offers solutions to complex payroll needs, while providing the flexibility and control required by today's businesses.

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