Solutions for Information Technology

Buy or build? We’ve got options for both.

Ignite provides applications and application development platforms that allow organizations to buy, or build and deploy industrial strength applications that address the specific needs of their business. Empower your team of database architects, programmers, and software engineers to deliver complex, data-intensive custom applications without compromising on functionality and design. Or integrate our ETI Solution which automates the exchange of data seamlessly between incompatible systems.


“With ObjectStore at the core of our mission critical reroute application for more than a decade, Delta is leading the skies in efficient rerouting and all of the benefits that come from it.”
Darrell Haskin, Director, Information Technology
Delta Airlines


Gensym G2

The world’s largest enterprises require 24X7 uptime for their mission-critical processes. When they utilize Gensym's G2 to build the powerful real-time expert systems behind these processes, they improve productivity, minimize project delivery risks and increase long-term success. Ignite Technologies is pleased to partner with Gensym and offer G2 as one of Ignite's Application Development Platforms.

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ObjectStore was developed with over 20+ years of research as a best-in-class object-oriented database management system (OODBMS). Today, ObjectStore is a leading provider of tight OODBMS integration into high-performance applications that run at in-memory speeds. The platform provides real-time data caching with flexible development models for customers such as Delta Airlines and Starwood Hotels.

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ETI Solution

Ignite’s ETI software automates the exchange of data seamlessly between incompatible systems. Organizations around the world rely on it for data integration initiatives ranging from data migrations and synchronization to data services. And no need to wait around, the decentralized architecture processes in a fraction of the time it takes for similarly sized transformations using engine-based processing.

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Versata BRMS

Versata BRMS transforms the way web-based applications are constructed and maintained— helping you keep pace with the rapid speed of business. BRMS allows you to write, build and test robust applications in a matter of minutes, leveraging the power of rules-based logic to build better, faster business applications.

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