ETI Solution

Enterprise-Class Data Integration

The data integration agenda in a company is driven largely by its application environment, which is why Ignite should be a partner on both fronts.

Benefits of Ignite’s ETI Solution:

Ignite’s ETI tool enables high-performance queries and customized data transformation for almost all standard platforms. It’s fast, flexible and secure.

  • Lightning Fast Data Delivery, Decentralized: Users can transform huge volumes of data with Ignite’s ETI decentralized architecture in a fraction of the time it takes for similarly sized transformations using engine-based processing.
  • Multi-Source & Multi-Target Platform Support: Ignite’s ETI can quickly define and implement a customized data integration solution for almost all standard platforms.
  • Simple, Secure and Highly Configurable: Ignite’s ETI gives you the flexibility to build a transformation that is as unique as your environment. Conversions are highly configurable – and made easy with an intuitive GUI (Graphical User Interface) based client.