Solutions for Security & Compliance

Sophisticated solutions for a proactive approach to security and compliance.

The only thing worse than experiencing a security breach is experiencing a preventable one. Ignite’s SenSage AP and SenSage Insider Threat allow organizations to build or buy industrial strength applications that allow enterprises to use the information their systems are already generating to meet business-critical goals such as fraud detection, insider threat behavior analysis, and regulatory compliance.

SenSage AP

With the increase in sophisticated attacks and the explosion of big data, large enterprises and government organizations are seeking solutions with advanced data analysis capabilities to address new found needs of collecting, storing, and analyzing big data. Ignite's advanced platform for event analytics, SenSage AP, is the choice of global enterprises that need big data security intelligence across all industries.

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SenSage Insider Threat

Unlike external threats, where malicious intent is assumed, the situation with insiders is more nuanced and therefore harder to detect. SenSage's Insider Threat, built on SenSage AP platform, looks at patterns of behavior over periods of time as the vast majority of breaches are discoverable in the log data that machines generate. SenSage AP uses advanced analytics to simplify the process of detecting insider threats.

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